sound deadening foam

Acoustic wedge is widely used in the acoustic parameters of electro acoustic product testing, noise measurement of varius mechanical, electrical, light industry, household electrical appliances and other products.

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Acoustic foam

Funcation: Acoustic foam is a kind of sound absorbing materials.It absorbs the sound waves, and reduces the effects of reverberation or reflected sound waves; It also solve vibration and lower noise problem by reducing the slapping sound.

Application: It is commonly used in recording studios, edit rooms, broadcast studios and home studios, it can also be used to sound-proof a room containing a surround sound system; Soundproofing foam can also be used in panels, ceiling and floor to create clean sound for the sealed environment.


Acoustical Wedge Foam: Wedge foam is the most popular acoustic foam with an affordable price. It provides sound insulation, eliminates echoes, offers a professional appearance, requires minimal installation effeort. Wedge soundproof foam is an excellent studio foam.

Acoutical Pyramid Foam: For soundproofing needs, pyramid foam is a long-lasting, high-performance and cost-effective solution.

Eggcrate/Convoluted foam: Convoluted soundproof room also called as eggcrate soundproof foam. It is a good choice for covering the sound-dead. At a budget-conscious price, Eggcrate sound absorbent foam also stops sound very well.



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